About Me

Creative. Passionate. Dependable.

I am a senior-level communications professional @ eitas.org.

A multi-disciplinary communications and marketing leader with over ten years of experience working in government, not for profit and for profit organizations. Proactive and strategic - always focused on improving processes and communications.

Key Strengths and Competencies

Communications ∙ Marketing ∙ Graphic Development ∙ Leadership, Coaching & Mentoring ∙ Thought Leader ∙ Problem Solving ∙ Independent Assignments ∙ Strategic Planning ∙ Project Management ∙ Client/Customer Interaction ∙ Team Building ∙ Collateral Materials Development ∙ Interpersonal Communication

Additional Information

∙ Proven ability to develop and execute results-driven marketing and public relations communications strategies that are aligned with organizational goals and objectives.
∙ Superior writing and editing skills. Published in many publications.
∙ Expert knowledge of magazine production and all forms of print communications.
∙ Competent as photojournalist.
∙ Knowledgeable of social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In, Youtube, Blogger and WordPress. Always keeping up with trends in social media.
∙ Superb organizational skills and ability to handle multiple projects/roles at any given time.
∙ Strong intuition and sound judgment. Always focused on knowing the audience and finding the best method and communications style to deliver message.
∙ Ability to plan and implement communication projects and ensure completion within established time frames and budgets.
∙ Skilled leading communications planning and execution in a team environment. 


What I Do

Content Creation


Publication Development

Visual Communications

Web Management